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Nellie - Dr. Dog 

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Worst Comes To Worst | Dilated Peoples

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"I was always there, you just never knew where".

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a tribe called quest // electric relaxation.

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Supersystem - Born Into The World

Always Never Again

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Genuine chillers - notorious Trex


Genuine chillers - notorious Trex

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Wugazi - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

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Why do people drink alcohol it tastes disgusting

you don’t drink it for the taste. u drink shit like apple juice for the taste. you drink alcohol to get rid of the bad taste that every awful person in your life has left

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Fun drinking game: take a shot for every chapter you’re behind in textbook reading.

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It’s empty where you were
Just a big gaping hole
now I tried every bottle
every pill that I know
but time baby time
works better than wine
and bloodshot eyes
— Trampled By Turtles-Bloodshot Eyes

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